Real Estate in Northern Ohio
Brett Young

Getting more money for your home with Tailored Real Estate Services.

The highest priced home in any area usually has the nicest interior and exterior improvements. When I buy and sell real estate for my clients I always focus on what upgrades will get them more money. It’s like spending a dollar and getting three back if you update correctly. Looking at homes around the property […]

Real Estate News Is Crucial To Your Business

Unlimited Real Estate Magazine Knowledge is everything in Real Estate Arizona Discount Listing Service Starts at $995 Click on the sign to get all the details Listing Service Ohio Howard Hanna Click on the sign to get all the details Income property for sale in Mesa Az Home sales in May increased 7% over those […]

America’s Views on Owning a Home..

Investors and Home buyers are always looking at what the other people are thinking about buying a home.  I found this study from by Brian Honea that talks about how many people are looking at buying their home. “Wells Fargo’s third annual “How America Views Homeownership” survey found that 93 percent of those polled believe homeownership is an […]

Community Events

Bible Study Men / Bible Study Women

LifePoint Chapel Cleveland Area

Men are in the book of 1 John, a letter from John the elder, the Apostle, and the eyewitness of Jesus. Just bring your Bible. Women are into a study of Proverbs 31:10, the "Virtuous Woman." Again, no workbook, just bring your Bible. The studies...

Hike Brandywine Falls to Boston Store

Northeast Ohio Hiking Club

Meet at Brandywine Falls Trailhead and hike Brandywine Falls, Stanford, and Bridle Trails to Boston Store and back at a brisk pace (approx 3.2 mph or 18 min/mile) for a total distance of approx. 5.5 miles. Intermediate level and not a leisure...

NOFS Meet and Greet (and Eat)!

Northern Ohio Freethought Society (NOFS)

The Northern Ohio Freethought Society invites you for a conversation on the status of church/state separation in Northeast Ohio, and much more! We'll talk about the workings of FFRF headquarters (based in Madison, Wisconsin) and also about some...