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Can not doing your own Open House be a big Mistake?

When you are selling a property you need to get as many people to your listing as humanly possible. That means one of the tools in every Realtors tool box is Open Houses.

I like them for many reasons. The first and foremost reason is to get feedback on what the clients like and don’t like.  Great example was yesterday I did a open house in Rocky River Ohio and had 9 different groups through.

Three maybe four of them were interested in the property.  They told me what they liked about it,  Basically that it was remodeled and the open floor plan on the first floor. They also liked the new kitchen that was installed.  As a Realtor you need to add a few extra reasons for them to like it.  We added a row of cabinets with a large granite counter top to be used if the buyers wanted to entertain.

We also added a second full bathroom in the home.  This is unique for this year of home and it helps a growing family and their guest have a bathroom.

The feedback on the second bathroom seemed to be important to the potential buyers.  One Client also mentioned that 2 car garages were a must! We had added that to this home.

Doing Open houses on will help you not only sale the property but you can also see it through the eyes of potential buyers.  That direct knowledge can help you move your listing faster. Brett Young Coldwell Banker

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