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Cleveland is a Tech Cities You Should Consider.

A lot of tech companies are moving into the Cleveland area and they understand the benefits of living here.  Cleveland has many companies moving here because of there incentives for these start ups.

Here is a story from by Imogen Crispe that talks about 5 Tech cities you should consider for a coding bootcamp.
” Thriving local Cleveland startups include expense processing app Expensebot, startup accelerator Flashstarts, and apartment finder app Quo. Nonprofit business incubator JumpStart is also offering $500,000 in funding to entrepreneurs who move their startups to Ohio.”
Cleveland downtown has been upgrading since 2006.  They have some of the most modern tech upgrades that really encourage new tech start ups to look at.
“Cleveland Ohio may not seem like an obvious place for joining the tech
community. It’s known for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the successful
steel manufacturing industry, the NASA Research Center,
and for having some of the best healthcare facilities in the US. But in
the early 2000s, former Cleveland mayor Jane Campbell decided to make
the city a technology hub, and appointed a technology czar. From there Cleveland was named by Intel as a “Worldwide Digital Community” in 2005, and now attracts so many startups that the Cleveland area is calling for more investment from the wider community.”
Grocery stores in the Cleveland area are also going online to order. Here is a story from by Chuck Sudor that talks about Giant Eagle (the biggest grocery store chain in Cleveland) having online ordering with curb service.
You go online order your food and go to a local Giant Eagle and they load your car for you.  You do not even have to get out of your car……..I think I would love this service!
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