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Do your research, choose your listing price, and watch the buyers line up.

I found this story in by that talks about selling your property and how to do it faster. Price is the crucial part of this assumption when you are looking at selling a property.

Make sure to look at recent comps

Markets change fast, so it’s best to find comparable sales within the
past three months. If you go back too far, you will see homes where a
deal might have been made many months before it closed.
Real estate markets can turn on a dime, so a deal put together more
than six months ago isn’t applicable. Pending sales are your best
indicator of the current market’s conditions.”

You also need to to look at each individual property and see what is updated and what is not. For example does it have a newer or used look in the kitchen and bathroom areas.  This is a huge factor to many buyers.  Also the age of the home and what has been replaced recently Heatrer,A/C,Windows,flooring,Roof etc.

“No two homes are alike

The 2,000-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with two-car parking on
a quarter acre down the street just closed for $500,000. That means
your home — also a 2,000-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath house with
two-car parking on a quarter acre — is also worth $500,000, right?
Not so fast. What you don’t realize is that the other home’s three
bedrooms are not all on the top floor, and that the home lacks an
en-suite master bathroom, its kitchen is closed off from the living
areas, and the layout is choppy.
Buyers pay more for better floor plans and flow. Your home, with an
open concept kitchen/living area and three bedrooms all near each other,
is much more valuable.”

Floor plan is a big issue.  The more the home cost the bigger factor it is.  In Strongsville Ohio they are starting to tear down walls to make a more open floor plan look.  This gets them a lot more money and it sells faster. You need to know that to make the right decision on your listing price.

”  Go see homes for sale

Rarely does anyone decide to sell overnight. Once you realize a sale
is in your future, get out and see what’s in your market. Check out open
houses nearby to see the interiors for yourself.
Homes you see in January will likely be pending or closed by the time
you list in April. Or they may still be on the market, which is an
indication of poor pricing.
Check out the different floor plans, finishes and fixtures of nearby
homes for sale, and consider whether each is more or less valuable than
The best seller is the informed one. So don’t rely solely on your
agent’s word about a particular house, or the market in general.

Open house on the weekend are a great way to do this. having that insight helps you understand how your property stacks up with the rest.  As most of you know I flip real estate so I study the upgrades in the higher selling properties in the areas I buying a property in, to understand what to upgrade and predict how much it will get me. Brett Young Howard Hanna, West USA Realty and Jarrett Signature Homes

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