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Brett Young

How to invest in Real Estate in Cleveland Ohio?

Investing in Real Estate in The Cleveland Metro area can be Challenging if you don’t have the right information on were to buy.  I see a lot of investors that end up on both sides of the fence.

The areas that you want to invest in are ones that get the highest returns in the better areas that attract quality tenants. You also need to know the city and how it treats a rental property.  A lot of cities have what they call a Point of Sale that investors not only need to be aware of but you need to know the difference in the policies from city to city.

I have personally dealt with about all of them.  That is why I decided to put together a series that will go into detail of the Cleveland Ohio real estate market.  My company has purchased over 300+ investment properties so I will give you all the tips and cities you should consider.

For example a possible new client of mine called to ask about one of the cities in this area.  The area was a nice high rent area but the city Point of Sale was a huge challenge to pass. I explained that the property was a nice one, but keeping it in budget would be a challenge.  That particular city is very hard to get inspections.  Sometimes 2 weeks and they sometimes add on new items on the point of Sale report that you have to repair before you will pass. Sounds good until it’s a garage floor with a crack they want replaced or some other high dollar item that the contractor did not see. Lastly it was also the amount of time and the re inspections that the city has.

There are good Point of sale cities that you can do business in that are easier and the returns are just as good or better.  You also have other cities that have no point of sale that are very quality cities.

This report will be about almost all the cities that surround Cleveland.  I have done work in all of them.  Want to get the most comprehensive report on the cities you want to invest in? This exclusive report will be coming out in early June. Sign in below and be the first to have an edge on How to Invest in Real Estate in Cleveland Ohio.  Brett Young Coldwell Banker

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