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Brett Young

Learning how to sale homes and getting the most buyers for it

Getting buyers to a home you want to sell is sometimes not easy if you don’t have the right tools. There are a lot of ways to advertise a property through newspaper, internet and many other good sources. Knowing the good sources can save you both money and time.

 I have been doing my own websites and hosting them for the last 7 years and understand the ins and outs on selling real estate.  You have to get all the information on each property including pictures and videos that channel it through the internet.  The internet is always changing and I keep up with the changes to ensure my properties get the maximum exposure.

Let me give you a few examples. I have a home on Zillow that I listed and in two weeks it has 2346 hits and over 200 last week. The property has a interested buyer and we should get a contract on it very soon. I continually add new post and media to my Zillow site to keep it on the top of the searchs in my area.  Click here to view my Zillow site.  I get a text if someone has a question on my properties.

Another way is my realtor site which I post new media on 3 times a week. This site gets a lot of exposure through the Coldwell Banker name and I also add meta tags, and key words to that site in order to get more hits.  I also get a text on my properties on this site.  Click here to view this site

The last site I will talk about on this post in my own personal one that I designed.  I also post all my listings, pictures and videos on this site. This site is building more hits every month.  I have to link it and also post it on other media sites.  I also keep record of all my sold properties also. Click here to view this site

Another way is the old fashion way which I’m doing today and Open House. This is a great way to get people through the home that are passing buy. Remember real estate agents sometimes miss homes on the market or they don’t think their client will like it and they don’t show it to them.  Open house is a great way to get those people through to see the property.

These are a few things that I do to sale real estate for my clients.  These are a few of the techniques that you can learn in my 3 day workshop.  If you are a buyer or seller call me 216-703-5740  and I can get you the results you want.  Brett Young Coldwell Banker and

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