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Brett Young

National economist has upbeat forecast for Northeast Ohio

Here is a story comes from by STAN BULLARD and he goes over a lot of factors

Basically the story talks about the the upswing in the Cleveland market in both the jobs and housing.  What I noticed in this story was a neighborhood that was mentioned. 

“Zillow identifies the priciest streets in the nation and the Cleveland MSA

Children growing up on Cleveland’s West Side used to dream they might someday live on Story Road in Fairview Park.

In Warren, the climbers aspired to Country Club Drive.

In Strongsville, longings landed on Ledgewood subdivision as the place to be.

thanks to Zillow, there is a more objective way to look at what street
tops the bunch, at least in the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor Metropolitan
Statistical Area. It is Roundwood Road in Chagrin Falls, where the
median value is $1.6 million.

Not being happy with just one
street, Zillow produced a list of five streets with the highest values
in the Cleveland MSA, which we’ve put into a map.

Zillow distributed the Cleveland list as part of a piece on the priciest streets
of the United States. One of the observations is that streets with
descriptive names have higher values than mundane ones.

if it is true, it might be possible to boost Cleveland values with some
legislative action and spending a fortune of new street signs. Would
Cleveland values get a lift if the city dropped its street-numbering
system and went back to the original system of names?

may have its limits, but consider how much better the original name
Water Street would sound in the Warehouse District than West Ninth

The line above that is colored purple is a were we are currently remodeling a home.  I to think that area is a place to be.  Ledgewood  offers both living in the woods and being close to all the amenities you could ever want. Here is a video of that property. Click here to view

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