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Pending US home sales hit 20-month high

Homes are selling at a brisk rate this year.  I found a story from by Adrian Bishop 

He talks about this in this article.  He also mentions the lack of inventory available right now.

Pending United States home sales hit a 20-month high in February 2015,
up 12% year-on-year, with prices rises inflated by a shortage of homes
on the market.”

That is great news for many reasons including a sellers market.  These markets are great in select cities and areas that there is a high demand to live in.  I was talking to potential buyers last week and they shared all their concerns that they had in were they lived.

Those are the cities and areas that you want to buy and sell in. Example is Lakewood Ohio is a great place to sell homes in the right areas.  There are certain streets that are better rental areas than selling areas.

This story also talks about the demand for housing.

“Demand appears to be strengthening into the spring buying season, says
Mr Yun. “We knew there was a pent-up demand. Now it appears that pent-up
demand is being steadily released into the marketplace. There appears
to be a steady flow of buyers moving into the market.”

That is another key ingredient to having a successful portfolio. Knowing were to sell and rent.  Rentals can play an important factor for your future sales.  Example would be buying in great areas that have everything buyers want but the inventory is still not were it should be.

Knowing our clients needs and making sure they are positioned to make the best returns is all we do. Brett Young Coldwell Banker

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