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Rooftopinvestment Magazine

Getting Real Estate Done

New Hot Buy: Single Family Home



Nice 3 bedroom 2 bath home easy POS violation list.  This property is on a great street.  Good sized back yard and the home is 1227 Sq Ft.  Needs a roof but the rest is updating. All the numbers below are based on the history of homes we have done in Bedford.


Total Price____________$55,000

Rent and Cost
Tax_________________$165 per month
Property Mang________$  79
Insurance____________$  60

Net Profit____________$646 per month

Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 or Email…get construction at our cost see below



Remember if your not happy with the price of your rehab with your current property management then call Rooftop.  We have a full staff of people to help with those high prices



Call Brett 602-363-6551602-363-6551

Tired of being the best kept secret in Real Estate?



Starting a real estate business whether you are a Real Estate agent or a real estate investor can be tough if you don’t know how to market.  Dealing with websites, social media, blogs and podcast sounds really hard.

As an agent/investor you also need to know how to find the properties and how to get clients and keep them.

The strategies that Brett has used since 2000 has generated $1,000,000’s in commissions and profits from real estate transactions.  Knowing these strategies has made Brett huge money year in and year out. 

Having all the tools in Marketing and knowledge of your product Real Estate is crucial to your success in the field. 

Only a hand full of Real Estate agents and investors make the big money and enjoy it year in and year out. Having the knowledge that your business will produce every year is security.

Brett see’s agents and investors everyday that struggle in the real estate business and keep changing their strategies and hope for a different outcome.  Talking to an agent this week that had to get a job because they could not make in money.  Brett showed them how to create leads and how to get some fast checks through other non-traditional ways in real estate. 

Imagine if you had all the knowledge of doing over 900+ properties and $85 million in real estate transactions?   That is what Brett has done and for the first time ever he is offering this to a few people.  The first class will only have 4 people in it and it will be a very intense class that you will be able to immediately start using for your business. 

If you want to quit wasting your time and start building a business that will generate as much money as you want it to then sign in below. Once the classes are filled that’s it until next year! 




Making the system better for our clients listings by more Internet presence!



I have teamed up with Zillow to help offer more ways to sell our portfolios.  Each one of our flips with be listed as a  premiered listing in both and Zillow .  This does a couple of things, 1st is gets your properties more viability and more traffic.  That is what you want on a property the more people through it the more chance you have a buyer that wants to write a contract.  I also have my own personal site that I add all my clients listings too also it gets over 1000+ hits a month and growing. It’s

The other great thing it does is let them see the awesome amenities the property has to offer. All the remodeling and upgrades that pictures can show.  This helps the buyer and appraiser see all the new updates on a property we list.

I also create a Video for my YouTube Channel that upload in and get more views on my listings.  I have sold properties from this channel.  Two doctors purchased a property in Beachwood from me when they saw the property on YouTube.  Click here to see that video.

These cutting edge ways to advertise my listings is what I have been doing for my clients.  Wanting to get into the flip game or you need you home sold call me 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker or email me at


Great rental in Bedford Ohio



This is a two bedroom that is on a nice street and will be able to rent for $750-$800 per month.  We did one two bedroom on Columbus and it really performed for our client.  She ended up selling the property to that tenant after 4 years.  A lot of times these are the best deals because investors over look them.  There are people who only need 2 bedroom homes.

The property is a brick home and needs updating.  It does have a large yard and a 1 car garage.  It is a bank owned property.  Lets go over the numbers

Asking Price______________$15,900

Total Price________________$43,000

Insurance_________________$ 60
Property Management_______$ 79
Property Tax______________$190.25

Net Profit________________$445.75 

I looked up the rentals in the Bedford area last night on the MLS and only one was available. a 4 bedroom at $995 a month which I will be showing to a friend tonight.

Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 or Click here to Email me


Fifth Third Center in downtown Cleveland sells to Hertz Investment Group of California



This story comes from  by my favorite writer on Cleveland  Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain Dealer

Another building in the downtown area has sold to a large California Reit.  The 5th highest building in Cleveland Fifth-Third Building.  The Reit wanted to add some very quality real estate to their portfolio and this is what they liked. The price that they paid is not quoted but the story does say the building is worth north of $50 million.

The building is mainly offices that are leased out.  The building is currently 76% full.  What I noticed and this story though was why these out of state buyers liked the Cleveland downtown.  Here is a quote from this story.

“We like all of the older office buildings being converted to residential,” Ingram said. “That’s a great sign for any [central business district,] and we see that taking place in Cleveland. And, of course, LeBron James joining the Cavs. And getting the Republican National Convention never hurts, either.”

The larger firms are seeing the Cleveland downtown and area really shaping up to be one the finest areas in America.  It is certainty one of the most affordable.

They also mentioned what they thought the trend would be in the city area

“As an out-of-state investor looking into Cleveland, Hertz sees encouraging trends in the downtown office market. Apartment overhauls of older buildings are reducing vacancies and forcing more tenants onto the street to search for space. Plus a handful of law firms and other mid-size tenants are considering their options, with lease-expirations looming.”

This says that the pressure of low inventory in office space and housing will make living in the city or near it a premium.  With the big boys moving in to this market and the positive statements they are saying is what an investor wants to see. This is a great sign of the new and exciting options that the Cleveland Metro Market has!

That is why I personally decided to get my real estate license in Ohio(Coldwell Banker) (already have one in Arizona) to look out in the fastest way I could for the best deals and be able to look at them daily. will be coming out with some awesome new investments this year so be on the look out.  .  Brett Young Coldwell Banker


Click on the image below to see how our construction works



Pending US home sales hit 20-month high


Homes are selling at a brisk rate this year.  I found a story from by Adrian Bishop 

He talks about this in this article.  He also mentions the lack of inventory available right now.

Pending United States home sales hit a 20-month high in February 2015, up 12% year-on-year, with prices rises inflated by a shortage of homes on the market.”

That is great news for many reasons including a sellers market.  These markets are great in select cities and areas that there is a high demand to live in.  I was talking to potential buyers last week and they shared all their concerns that they had in were they lived.

Those are the cities and areas that you want to buy and sell in. Example is Lakewood Ohio is a great place to sell homes in the right areas.  There are certain streets that are better rental areas than selling areas.

This story also talks about the demand for housing.

“Demand appears to be strengthening into the spring buying season, says Mr Yun. “We knew there was a pent-up demand. Now it appears that pent-up demand is being steadily released into the marketplace. There appears to be a steady flow of buyers moving into the market.”

That is another key ingredient to having a successful portfolio. Knowing were to sell and rent.  Rentals can play an important factor for your future sales.  Example would be buying in great areas that have everything buyers want but the inventory is still not were it should be.

Knowing our clients needs and making sure they are positioned to make the best returns is all we do. Brett Young Coldwell Banker and Rooftopinvestment 

New Flip Property in Bay Village


This property is in Bay Village Ohio.  I went through this property and I think it is a gem.  Highly Desirable  area that has all the amenities close by. The property is in good condition and needs to be upgraded.  The property needs the kitchen remodeled and needs new windows.  We will also need to add a shower in the 1/2 bathroom.  The rest of the remodel will consist of the general items that you always do. Here is the estimates on this property. Days on market is around 60 days.

Asking Price ________________$114,900


Rehab Price_________________$32,000

Sales Price__________________$180,000

Closing Cost________________ $11,500

Net Proceeds Estimated ________$33,090

Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker or Click here to email me





Nice Flip in Orange Ohio


This home is located in a very nice upscale area and close to all the amenities.  It is close to the one of my favorite breakfast places The Original Pancake house in Woodmere yummy! Back to this home the days on market is low and I believe it is an excellent deal!  Here are the approx numbers on this property.

Asking $104,900 – offer $80,000

Resale $225,000 –

Basement finished (part) and added to square footage approx 300sq ft

total sq ft then would be 1800

needs 2 walls anchored in basement – $5400
needs windows – $6000

Roof? – $6000

AC – $3000

Plumbing – $4500

Electric – $3000

Rehab – $20,000

Material – $6000

Flooring – $3500

Kitchen – $3500

Deck – $3500

Driveway – $2500

Septic $10,000 (if needed)

our fee – $5000
$71,900-$81,900 (if septic is needed)

Sales Price____ ____$225,000
Purchase price______$ 80,000
rehab_____________$ 76,900
Net eqiuty________$68,000
This home is in a very sought after area.  Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 if you have any questions on this property.  


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