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Unlimited Real Estate

Making the Most out of Real Estate


The good and bad of has a lot of good things that can be found on it..  Mostly real estate and the details associated with each property.  I am a member of Zillow and it does have a lot of buyers and sellers looking at it.  I get 5-6 leads a week from the site. 

As an agent you pay for zip code areas.  The better the area the more it cost, some areas can get into the thousands monthly.

The bad thing that Zillow does is comp properties. The rentals that are in Zillow are fine it’s the sold properties that need to be looked at.

For example Zillow will get you all the sold in the area and come up with a price.  What the information does not tell you is the details of each property.  That is why you need a Realtor .  Zillow’s information is not always up to date.  The Multiple Listing Service that Realtors use  and pay for has the most up to date.

The other problem with Zillows Value is it does not take into consideration what type of home they are comping. Let me explain, you need to know if the home is remodeled, what type of upgrades does it have? Also is it a foreclosure that was purchased as is? Maybe it was an estate sale that need some updating, or someone lived there and never updated the property. 

Lastly were is the property located? On a busy street, behind a commercial building? Close to the airport or industrial buildings? Maybe you have a home that is not connected to city sewer or water?

These are just a few items that need to be considered when looking at a property.  Remember to always call a Realtor when you looking for a home or selling one.  Its worth the money. Brett Young Coldwell Banker



Want to know the best way to buy a property for your portfolio?



As most investors know the inventory has dropped a lot, but there are still great deals that can be had.  The properties that I am talking about are priced between $65,000 and $75,000 remodeled.  These properties rent for $950 and up. 

Before we buy it you will get a detail of the property and the approx rehab that is needed. You will also get weekly updates until the property is completed.

We will also be getting a tenant placed for you and work with the property manger of your choice. We do have two you can choose from with us or anyone else you may already be working with. We have a great marketing system that will get your property rented for the top rents,

The net profit after all the monthly taxes, insurance and property management will be $600 or better.  The property will be in a good location. 

Calling us and setting up what you want to purchase is the best way for us to get you the best deal.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 and get great properties and good returns! Also sign in below to get all our new deals and updates on the real estate world.





Can not doing your own Open House be a big Mistake?




When you are selling a property you need to get as many people to your listing as humanly possible. That means one of the tools in every Realtors tool box is Open Houses.

I like them for many reasons. The first and foremost reason is to get feedback on what the clients like and don’t like.  Great example was yesterday I did a open house in Rocky River Ohio and had 9 different groups through.

Three maybe four of them were interested in the property.  They told me what they liked about it,  Basically that it was remodeled and the open floor plan on the first floor. They also liked the new kitchen that was installed.  As a Realtor you need to add a few extra reasons for them to like it.  We added a row of cabinets with a large granite counter top to be used if the buyers wanted to entertain.

We also added a second full bathroom in the home.  This is unique for this year of home and it helps a growing family and their guest have a bathroom.

The feedback on the second bathroom seemed to be important to the potential buyers.  One Client also mentioned that 2 car garages were a must! We had added that to this home.

Doing Open houses on will help you not only sale the property but you can also see it through the eyes of potential buyers.  That direct knowledge can help you move your listing faster. Brett Young Coldwell Banker



New Hot Buy: Great Home in Superior area lowered price


This home is located in a highly desirable city the we purchase in and already have a lot of cash flow real estate. This property is a 5 bedroom 2 bath home that also will have a finished basement. It has a double car garage to boot.  Check out the Approx numbers below and call Brett 216-703-5740
Approx Rehab______$20,000-$25,000
Total Cost_________$70,000-$75,000
Approx Rental Numbers
Monthly Taxes__________$234
Property Management____$110
Insurance______________$  60
Net Monthly___________$696
Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker



Do you have the Ulimate Marketing System?



After 8 years setting up a marketing system that has brought in millions of dollars and 100’s of home purchases Brett is doing a video series on how to get your business on the internet.  Brett wants to share with you the proven methods that helped Brett take over the Cleveland Market!  This series is coming soon at a great price and it will help your business get all the clients you want!

Want to quit wondering how to market your Business?  Get more Clients? Get more business from current clients? How to promote your business for almost nothing?  Then sign up below and be one of the first people to get this new marketing course.









Things you Must Know Before Buying Rental Properties


Here is a video that has some simple ideas you can apply when looking at any rental property. One other thing that is not in the video is you want to also look at the equity position on your property.  Look at previous sales and I like to know I can sale that property if I want too.  Remember to make your portfolio as liquid as possible. Brett Young Coldwell Banker




Real Estate Marketing On AutoPilot




Planning on being a Real Estate agent?  A lot of agents only look at the bottom line for them and that is important.  The most important factor though is getting clients and keeping them happy.  Having served 100’s of clients you need to understand what you business is and what type of client you want.

For example if you want to deal in Luxury homes then you need to establish the areas and prices of the homes you consider to be luxury. You also need to understand the marketing that is expected when you buy or sale properties.

 Me and Lori almost always do Open houses on Sundays.  This does two things it helps people who don’t have realtors or they are with them to see your property.  The other more important thing is you can listen to the visitors comments and see what they think of the property their likes and dislikes.

Whether you are an investor, buyer or Realtor you also need to market your service and you properties. I have several websites I do that with Click here to see one.  This really lets everyone know what you have 24/7.  I even have a you tube channel that sold a $250,000+ home.

The problem is getting all the right information and training to get your whole business model put together.  My websites get 100,000’s of hits a month and that keeps me pretty busy.  My practice will stay smaller now and I will personally be dealing with each property.  Getting bigger is not always better when you building a practice.  Make sure that you have people around you that share the same ideas you have and have the same work ethics.

When you do have the right marketing then you can really pick and choose who to serve and make more money doing it.  More importantly your clients will also get better service from you and will be very satisfied clients.

Make sure that you send them a weekly update and communicate on a regular basis.  I always send videos and picture updates to my out of state clients.  Remember You Tube is FREE!

These are just a few tips on how to be a successful real estate agent. Brett Young Coldwell Banker  Also check out my Real Estate Classes here



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