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Lakewood Home Great Cash Flow




I have located another great property in Lakewood Ohio.  This property is a large property and and has a finished basement.  It also has a 2 car garage and is located between Detroit and Clifton.  It has a newer roof and driveway and just needs some TLC.  The property will rent out for $1100 a month.

Lets go over the approx numbers

Offer Price______$55,000
Rehab Price_____$20,000


Monthly Tax____$ 227
Insurance_______$ 60
Property management___$110 

Net Monthly Profit__________$703 

Call Brett 602-363-6551602-363-6551 Coldwell Banker and get all the information. Remember that we get you your tenant placed also.




Thinking of Making the Most out of your Real Estate?


Making the most out of your real estate investment can be a huge concern.  Having the right property, Construction, Marketing, Real Estate Agent……….Well Check out the video below at a home i was at today.




Get the right Package for your Real Estate Needs Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740



Market News

Sunday Real Estate Wrap up!


Brand new addition to my Blog…..I will be doing a Sunday Real Estate Wrap up that goes over what is being written about in the Cleveland Metro area.  This will help keep you informed as a buyer and seller. So click on the video and enjoy. 




Want a Real Estate or Business Website? You Can Do Yourself?

Keep Your Business Open 24/7!


Making a website has never been easier.  This package includes everything.  Imagine not worrying about you buying a website or even when it will be updated.  With this new software your can do it yourself! Check out the video below to see how easy it is. 









Hot Buy Real Estate On A Budget



This HUD home is a great income property that is in a city with no Vacancies. This city has people calling all the time wanting to rent in this area.  The sales are also picking up in the retail arena. This property is a 3 bedroom 1 bath.  It needs some cement work and updating.  Great find!  Lets look at the approx numbers on this property.

Offer_____$ 35,000
Approx Rehab



___$ 60,000-$65,000

Projected Rent


per month

Monthly Tax___$168
Property Mang_$  95
Insurance_____$  60

Net Profit_____$ 627

per month

Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 to get all the facts





Marketing yourself and your real estate is simple if you know how to do it



Making the most with your Real Estate money includes knowing how to market your real estate even if your not a property manager or Real Estate Agent. Having this type of knowledge will help you when properties are not being sold or leased.

Most people think that marketing your portfolio or company is hard, but it isn’t if you have the right system to use. You can make your company as big or little as you want.  Watch Shark Tank sometime the business that are there trying to be sold have marketing issues in most cases.

Look at this video I had put to together below for a website of mine.  It cost so little I’m embarrassed to show it.





Having these kind of resources and know how can take you and your business or portfolio to the next level.  Imagine showing your property or product all over the world to potential buyers.  I personally have raised over $85 million dollars with my systems that I have created.  Knowing these systems keeps your products or real estate moving all the time.

I’ve sold properties with all kinds of different media for almost nothing.  Most businesses have to spend a fortune to get any kind of marketing.  I can’t believe what some people spend on courses and other how to systems.  You can do anything you want if you first know how to market it.

Sign in below to get my marketing system coming out next month. Having this system will help you get the freedom and success you deserve in your business! Brett Young



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