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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Real Estate Investments



This story comes from by and it talks about the whole how you should know the market and the different ways to invest in Real Estate.

Here is a quote from this story that I really agree with.  This especially effects beginning investors and even some seasoned ones that get a little greedy.  

  “Some people buy real estate expecting it to appreciate a lot over time,” says David Reiss, a professor of law and research director of the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship at Brooklyn Law School. “But it can be risky – or even foolish – to pay so much for a property that you’re losing money on an operating basis just because you think it will appreciate.”

This paragraph above should also add that your property should be in an area that has all the amenities and a good school system.  This is especially true in the north east and mid west.

“Know your market well. If you pay market price for an investment property, you probably won’t see particularly robust returns. “It will make a market return, and if you want to do better than that, you have to pound the pavement,” Reiss says. “Look for deals that are underpriced for one reason or another. And you won’t know which deals are underpriced unless you have a good sense of how properties are priced.”    

This paragraph above is really true and can really only be done by Realtors that know the areas.  A great example of that is Lakewood Ohio were you have to know the areas in order to get the proper value of a property. I drive all the neighborhoods that I buy my clients homes in order to get the value.

“Turnkey properties can unlock returns. With a turnkey investment, you’re buying a fully vetted, redeveloped property with tenants and a property manager. “It’s a lot like buying a take-and-bake pizza. All the ingredients are there, and all you have to do is buy,” says Scarlett Tassone, a vice president and mortgage banker with PrivatePlus Mortgage in Atlanta. The downside is that compared with other tenant properties, “they are not quite as lucrative and a bit more expensive,” she says. “

In the paragraph above they are talking about properties that already have tenants in them They tend to be more money because an investor as already purchased the property and did the work to get it cash flowing.  It is really wholesaling a property except it is not a as is property in most cases.

We offer our clients a Turn Key system that allows you to purchase properties as is and we do cost construction that allows our clients to get higher returns.  We have two property managers to choose from or you can get your own.  Our properties usually net over $600 per moonth after Taxes,Insurance and Property Management.

There is more to this story and I will be writing a part two.  As you can see there are a lot of venues you can do in Real Estate. Brett Young 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker



National economist has upbeat forecast for Northeast Ohio




Here is a story comes from by STAN BULLARD and he goes over a lot of factors

Basically the story talks about the the upswing in the Cleveland market in both the jobs and housing.  What I noticed in this story was a neighborhood that was mentioned. 

“Zillow identifies the priciest streets in the nation and the Cleveland MSA

Children growing up on Cleveland’s West Side used to dream they might someday live on Story Road in Fairview Park.

In Warren, the climbers aspired to Country Club Drive.

In Strongsville, longings landed on Ledgewood subdivision as the place to be.

Now, thanks to Zillow, there is a more objective way to look at what street tops the bunch, at least in the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is Roundwood Road in Chagrin Falls, where the median value is $1.6 million.

Not being happy with just one street, Zillow produced a list of five streets with the highest values in the Cleveland MSA, which we’ve put into a map.

Zillow distributed the Cleveland list as part of a piece on the priciest streets of the United States. One of the observations is that streets with descriptive names have higher values than mundane ones.

However, if it is true, it might be possible to boost Cleveland values with some legislative action and spending a fortune of new street signs. Would Cleveland values get a lift if the city dropped its street-numbering system and went back to the original system of names?

Branding may have its limits, but consider how much better the original name Water Street would sound in the Warehouse District than West Ninth Street.”

The line above that is colored purple is a were we are currently remodeling a home.  I to think that area is a place to be.  Ledgewood  offers both living in the woods and being close to all the amenities you could ever want. Here is a video of that property. Click here to view

Having the right people around you when you are looking for your place to live is crucial I know some of the best places to buy in the suburbs and get a home that fits your needs so please call me @ 216-703-5740



The Good, Bad and Ugly of Real Estate Investments Part 2



The next type of property they talk about in this story at by By is flipping properties.

“You might flip for flipping houses. In this form of investment, the goal is to get in short-term and sell properties at a markup. And while many investors make money this way, much depends on the neighborhood you buy and sell in, as well as hidden costs associated with renovating the property that can decrease its net return. “This type of real estate investment has more risk than owning rental properties,” says Rebecca Pavese, financial planner and portfolio manager with Palisades Hudson Financial Group in Atlanta. “

The flip market can only be done at certain times in the market.  Usually you want to be more of a sellers market.  This allows you to have more leverage in the sell.  The property also needs to be in a desired area were the Days on Market are low.  The last major thing to remember is the equity position you have after you’ve finished the project and your ready to put it on the market.  The equity is based on the retail price of the home the higher the price the more equity you need in most cases.

”   Increase your profit potential with an investment of time. Property development, management and administration often require an army of specialists. But if you’re adept at repairs, accounting or showing a vacancy to prospective renters, you can forego the fees associated with hired help. “Depending on your availability and your skills, these could be trade-offs that are worth making for you,” Reiss says.”

To me this is the crucial part of real estate investing.  You not only need to have the right people but you need to know that those people will get the job done to your satisfaction.

The part that is not mentioned in this article is the marketing of your property.  Whether is is renting or selling a property you need someone that is going to ensure you get your property making money.  Few investors understand this part of the equation when you are thinking of all the aspects of real estate.  Example: I know a large investor that deemed marketing not to be all that important and didn’t want to put any investment into marketing his properties.  He has wasted months of vacant properties just because he forgot the marketing part of the equation.
 Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker.   


Getting the Most Real Estate and Internet



I longed thought that if you had a great presence on the internet you could move properties much faster. As you do the internet you need to know all the tiny details needed for your listings to get noticed.

For example I was at a conference with Coldwell Banker yesterday to see all the tools that the website they gave me have. Wow I was blown away at all the tools they have provided me to help sell and purchase properties in this area. A great example that I saw CBX app they have for my Ipad Check out the video below.

These types of tools are crucial to my clients success.  I also have a presence in Zillow another important site for buyers. Click here to view that site .  I won’t bore you with all the resources and marketing I personally do for my clients but people see the homes.

Doing the hard work and marketing that people need to have to sell their properties. That is why I have all these resources and work almost 5 hours a day on them.  Serving my clients is all I do. Brett Young Coldwell Banker





New Hot Buy


I went through this home yesterday and it needs a new heater and water heater.  I am working on getting the Point of sale report on this home but I think it will be minimal.  This home is located on a great street.  has newer windows in except for the livingroom window.  Lets go through the estimated numbers.

Asking____________$ 24,200

Projected Rehab____$30,000-$35,000

Estimated Cost_____$55,000

Projected Rent_____$950
Property Tax______$134
Property mang____$79

Net After Taxed,Propetry management and Insurance Monthly

Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker


What investors should know before taking the risk



This story comes from by

“Out of all of the diversity found in the 1 percent — the most wealthy in history — the one common thread is that they owned real estate. Building a real estate portfolio and becoming a landlord can be one of the best wealth creation tools available. But, if you’re not careful it’s also one of the easiest ways to lose a lot of money.”

That paragraph sums up all the wealth creation and how you can blow it also.  Having done over 300+ rental properties I can say that the vast majority do well and their are a few that do not.

One of the reasons for failure in the investing business is not dealing with some of the properties details. Maintenance and property management is crucial to your success. I deal with this myself everyday on my own properties. I had a roof go bad on a property and had to replace it in Indiana.  That was not fun but I had to get it done in order to keep it rented.

The home I have in Arizona is on a lease option and I do not repair anything. That property makes me a solid return monthly and is building a great equity position for my portfolio.

The investors that take care of there properties really benefit in the future.  Every home will have it’s repairs and problems that is why you always need to look at your monthly net. 

5. Location success factors
Real estate markets are constantly in flux. National real estate trends might set the overall tone, but it’s all about local conditions. In order to secure long-term rental demand, you need to make sure you’re buying properties near sustainable supports — hospitals, universities, transit hubs, shopping and entertainment.
Identify up-and-coming areas. These are areas that are likely to see above market increases in value (net value increases more quickly).
Identify areas that are likely to see below-average increases in value.  Take a drive, and these areas will become more apparent to you.”

This is very important for two reasons it builds equity and you can usually get much more for rent.  That usually gets you a better tenant and a longer term lease. I personally are in our cities and know all the sustainable supports that families want were they live.

Having your portfolio in the right areas is crucial for building a lasting portfolio.  Brett Young Coldwell Banker



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